Here at Ultra we have the latest in Self-Healing Paint Protection Film and if you have a vehicle that is a matte finish, we offer a Matte finish Paint Protection film for you also with the same self-healing properties.

There are many brands of paint protection (Clear bra) films out on the market today, but how can you be sure which one to choose? Our paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane layer that protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value.  Our clear bra has Superior Clarity: crystal clear finish, zero orange peel. Edge Seal Technology: superior edges seal, film stays locked down.  Maximum Durability: Improved impact resistance, enhanced self-healing properties. Protects against- gravel, rocks, salt, oils, tree sap, bug acids, bird droppings, magnesium chloride and other harsh chemicals that can damage the paint. Absolute Clarity and Protection: optically clear, zero orange peel finish leaves the film virtually invisible.  Stain & Discoloration Resistant: road grime, bird droppings, bug guts and air pollution will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives.  Self- Healing: when exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.  When you purchase a vehicle you want to protect your investment and keep your vehicle’s paint looking like new and living here in Arizona we all know to well how the freeways chew up our bumpers, hoods, headlights, mirrors and any other high impact area and on an average a person will keep their vehicle 2-3 years and trade it in or sell it for a new vehicle and if you have paint chips or stains that have etched in to the paint, then the value goes down even more, and with our clear bra you can keep your vehicle looking like new for years to come and it is backed by a comprehensive 10 year warranty. GET PROTECTED TODAY WITH ULTRA.